Sentinel – Pearl


Pearl is the artificial intelligence that controls and maintains the vessel (called a cell), that oversees the Pacific Ocean region of the earth in the year 2022. The cell is powered by a nuclear reactor and obtains energy for certain functions via solar arrays mounted in it’s domes. It is completly self-sufficient and can move from location to location.

Cells have the ability to house up to 12 human beings at a time, and under extreme conditions can transport 160 people (standing room only). They can produce vegetables and plants in their enclosed greenhouse rooms.



Pearl and Artemis

Pearl and Artemis



Pearl pieces

Pearl pieces



  1. […] Zuda), Azure wakes up in an underwater vessel that resembles a bulbous jellyfish. It’s called a cell, and it’s a self-contained miniature ecosystem. Azure has been searching for survivors […]

  2. […] and chambers. Some of the specific inner workings that I wanted to use in the series I also did cut-away illustrations to understand and reason their function.  Looking at  Big Dog was a huge inspiration for the […]

  3. bad ass…i aint never done seen these for!

    • Thanks! These are ancient… I should throw up some of the really old concept stuff I did on her suit. That stuff was nuts.

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