Azure (Emelie)

Physical Description: Blue eyes, blonde hair, 5′6″, slender but toned.
Nationailty: American of Dutch descent
Occupation: Scientist/ Programmer – specializing in artificial intelligences and bio-mechanics
Other: Enjoys watercolour painting and was an Olympic swimming medalist (Bronze). Also enjoys diving and climbing.

Prior to the Event, Emelie was a lead researcher for Minerva‘s Sentinel Project, heading a team consisting of thinktank members Ana, Sacha, Molochai, and Emelie herself. Just prior to the event, Emelie was stricken by a devestating illness, and upon waking just after the event – found herself alone on the island compound, with only Pearl, a gigantic AI submersible craft. Pearl informed Emelie of their directives: to seek and aid survivors, chart alterations to the planet, and eliminate harmful mutations arising from the event, and of Emelie’s particular code name to use in transmissions to one another – Azure.

After an unusual attack by well-supplied and outfitted pirates, Emelie learns of a secret protocol, “X8”, unknown to herself but embedded in her psyche. Upon activating this protocol she is transformed into a killing machine with perfect movements and precision. Nothing more is known about this strange ability.

Concept Sketches:

Emelie | Azure

Emelie | Azure

Azure in armour

Azure in armour

Azure Suit Sketches

Azure Suit Sketches


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  1. […] comic stars a woman named Emilie who goes by the codename “Azure.” In the first eight pages (which I dub “the […]

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