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Season 2 Progress Update

December 14, 2009

I’ve been plugging away on pages for Azure Chapter 2 and am almost ready to relaunch with the new season. I’m doing more refining this time around – showing a small group pages and getting feedback before going live. In other words, getting outside opinions and feedback. The slight delay in getting Season 2 underway was the script (there were 2 of them and we had to decide on one), and the fact I took on a zillion projects right at the end of Season 1 of Azure. Book covers have been completed now, and I am polishing off the last of my comissioned pieces, so It will be all Azure for a while as I bring my project load down to two major projects – Azure and something else I can’t discuss at this time.

What’s in store for Season 2? If you’ve been following the 30 Characters imagery you can see hints and pieces of characters that may or may not appear in Season 2. If you haven’t caught up on Season 1 – please do so now – and pay close attention to some of the things going on in the flashbacks.

Look for one final piece of promo art before the Season 2 launch 🙂


Webcomic Overlook Reviews Azure Season 1

December 1, 2009

The Webcomic Overlook

El Santo gives a write-up on Azure over at the Webcomic Overlook. Go take a peak and drop him a comment! It’s a fairly good recap of Season 1, so beware spoilers if you haven’t caught up.