The World of Azure



Earth - After Event (AE) 2022

Earth - After Event (AE) 2022


The year is 2022. The ice caps have melted. The world is a watery grave for nearly all coastal and low-lying cities, and what land that’s left, has been decimated by warfare and stripped bare by the remnants of humanity. This cataclysm in 2012, known as “the event” by it’s survivors, was predicted by the Mayans centuries earlier. The temperature of the planet is +35 degrees on average, and the breathable oxygen in the atmosphere has been reduced, though not to life threatening levels thanks to kelp and ocean-based plant life. The survivors of mankind have fled over the last century to the only cool areas left on the planet, and many, beneath her oceans. Entire cities have been relocated to undersea environments, in order to escape the wrath of the sun and the creeping of the seas. Most of the undersea communities have all but died. Scientists of the survivors of the event tried in vain to replace the icecaps, and then later to make their watery cities work, but man needs the air and light to survive and truly feel free, and after eons of moving farther away from the oceans it evolved from, mankind found being forced back into them to be an impossibility.

 Precious commodities of 2022:



  • Technology that is self-reliant or solar powered.
  • Trees and plants of any shape or kind.
  • Fresh water; rain collectors and filters
  • Replenishing, energy-based weapons



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