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Azure Coming to Comixology/PSP 7/14/10

July 12, 2010

That’s right! This Wednesday, the 14th, check out the comixology site for the new online home of Azure. For reading on the PSP, access the comics menu and go to DC Comics. For reading on the iPad, iPhone, or Ipod touch – go to either the DC comics app or the Comixology app, and look for Azure. The first issue will be free through Comixology, while future issues will cost 99¢ for 20 page issues.

Azure is my first foray into the comics world, and this free issue, includes the first eight pages included in the original competition on zuda. Azure issue 1 was a real learning experience for me, and my goal was always to tell the story of Emelie while attempting to bring a sense of wonder and inspiration to readers. If folks dig the first issue, I encourage you to try the 2nd and 3rd…it only gets better as I’ve learned – every page a creator makes in comics is a step forward in becoming a better storyteller.

What are folks saying about Azure?

“…the comic is very beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful of all Zuda’s offerings. My hat’s off to Dan Govar for working on Azure by his lonesome and getting every single detail to pay off visually.”
– The Webcomic Overlook

“Sexy heroine, indeed! Daniel’s art is truly excellent filled with incredible details and awe-inspiring oceanic landscapes.”
– ComixMix

“Pop up the Zuda comic Azure, put it on full-screen, and tell me you aren’t scared sh*tless when that shark shows up.”
-Tyler James

“Azure: I can’t decide which is more gorgeous, the women or the art. @saulone (Daniel on Twitter) definitely earns some massive #zudalove”

from the talkback comments for Azure:

“Daniel, I could sit and stare at some of these pages for days.”

“Someone mentioned popping this onto there 24 inch monitor. I was alittle ahead of the game and have been reading this on my 32 inch and man does it look good. There are loads of details that I was missing. Certainly worth the effort for those with larger monitor options.”

“This should be a movie so I can enjoy it twice as much as I do now. STILL loving this!”




Interviews, Interviews, Interviews…

May 20, 2010

 First up – Newsarama talks to Bobby Timony, Kevin Colden, and myself about our projects at our booth during C2E2. Check it out here.

Next up the fine fellas at TGT Webcomics interviewed Bobby Timony and myself, (I was really not quite awake for this one), during C2E2. Check it out here.


More Warm-ups

March 1, 2010

Foz's Vaughn from Deadly -

Lainey Lord from I Rule the Night:

Dwight MacPherson's Wells from Sidewise:


Azure Pages 62 Inks

January 16, 2010

With completely digital work there isn’t so much a pencil or ink pass as there’s a “linework” or drawing pass. I generally start with a really rough, loose illustration that’s little more than a collection of gesture sketches and panel placements, with word balloon areas or as I like to call them “dead spots”. To show what is line work and what is done in my Black and White phase and what is accomplished when I start to put in colour passes; I’ve extracted all of the colour and overlay layes of my file for page 62.

Below is the BW pass for page 62 which you can click to enlarge – and no, it is not in full res, but large enough.


30 Characters 30 Days – Day 6

November 7, 2009

Avalon Infantry


30 Characters 30 Days – Day 3

November 4, 2009

League Scout - 2hrs


3 of 4 Azure 2.0 Promo Items

October 13, 2009
3 of 4 Azure 2.0 Promo Items

3 of 4 Azure 2.0 Promo Items