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Azure Season 2 – Its A Wrap!

October 1, 2010

Azure Page 116 Panel 7

Pages 61-120 are with the lords of DC Comics now, and are more than likely on their way to being turned into downloadable comics for iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and the web. My thoughts on Season 2? I think it better than Season 1, but even now that the last page was turned in, I am reminded this is still my first comic and there were some hard lessons learned this season. I’ll save that for a future posting titled “Lessons Learned in Making Comics”.

Something else to note, a week or so ago, DC announced a number of layoffs, moves, and the closing of two lines, (Zuda and Wildstorm), as they go through a restructuring. This economy we’re in really blows and the announcements pretty much suck, but these things have a tendency to work themselves out. I hope everyone affected lands on their feet and go on to do great things. To my friends at DC, my hearts with you all. With so much talent and creativity on hand, I look forward to seeing how DC Comics evolves.

I’m reminded of when I worked as a programmer/artist for an interactive developer of software for children. A similar thing happened where over half the staff including my friends and boss were laid off. It sucked then as much as it sucks now, but they all landed squarely on their feet in new positions, and one or two; far better off for it.

So what next for me?

Something special, if I can pull it off 😉 … More on that later. Look forward to a posting frenzy this next week on my personal site.


Work In Progress – Final Pages Season 2

August 9, 2010

Below is a screencap of one of the panels from one of the last 15 pages of season 2 of Azure. To say things get epic in scale is putting it lightly. I’ve been working day and night to finish off the season prior to Baltimore Comic Con, so that I can take comissions at the con and work on one of two other upcoming projects. The response to this season and the sales on the digital side seem to have been awesome! Azure issues 2 & 3 sat in the top 10 of both the ComiXology and DC Comics top in-app purchase charts for almost 3 weeks. I thank everyone who checked it out and please, tell your friends about Azure! Azure is not available in print at the moment but hopefully if sales are good it may justify moving it there. Currently you can own all of Azure season 1 digital for only $2.00!

Click the image to enlarge and please note (this is one of the smaller panels ;))

Screencap - panel 3 of 6


Azure Season 2 Begins January 12th, 2010

January 9, 2010

A long time coming due to prior commitments on my end, but Season 2 updates will begin next week. A good deal of time has been spent on honing the process for making the pages, and there will be a couple of special livestreams in the coming months where one of the pages I pre-recorded being created will be streamed the day of the page’s live update. It took me a while to get to the point where I could create an Azure page in full colour in about 8 hours, but I’m there now – whew!

The script for Season 2 is there, and I am spitting out pages twice a week, barring illness or loss of limb. Hope to see everyone around 10:30am on the 12th!


Season 2 Progress Update

December 14, 2009

I’ve been plugging away on pages for Azure Chapter 2 and am almost ready to relaunch with the new season. I’m doing more refining this time around – showing a small group pages and getting feedback before going live. In other words, getting outside opinions and feedback. The slight delay in getting Season 2 underway was the script (there were 2 of them and we had to decide on one), and the fact I took on a zillion projects right at the end of Season 1 of Azure. Book covers have been completed now, and I am polishing off the last of my comissioned pieces, so It will be all Azure for a while as I bring my project load down to two major projects – Azure and something else I can’t discuss at this time.

What’s in store for Season 2? If you’ve been following the 30 Characters imagery you can see hints and pieces of characters that may or may not appear in Season 2. If you haven’t caught up on Season 1 – please do so now – and pay close attention to some of the things going on in the flashbacks.

Look for one final piece of promo art before the Season 2 launch 🙂


Livestream Concept Sketching

August 25, 2009

Here is the work in progress after 3.5 hours of digital painting:

Azure_Sienna_compsm1This was my first shot at this, so forgive my bitching at my dog – I had no idea the mic was on and he was trying to kill one of the cats, and later – attempted to eat my wacom tablet. I recommend skipping ahead in the video to about an hour in. You’ll avoid the pauses for the dog being let out, and lots of me typing to chat folks. Click the pic above to view the video.


Azure hits it’s halfway point in it’s first 60 page season

April 28, 2009


To recap the story so far:

10 years ago, the planet underwent an environmental cataclysm leaving most major cities and low-lying areas submerged in water. No, it isn’t waterworld, unless Kevin Costner is secretly a woman and hot. 😉

Azure, a former scientist/researcher commands a giant submersible artificially intelligent vessel as she searches for survivors of the catastrophe. She was on a routine scouting expedition, (catching rays on a little personal island), when pirates in a converted rusted out stealth boat shot her little RC camera out of the sky. Now they are after her, and perhaps something else…

Did I mention she’s got loads of little gadgets? 🙂

Check it out – and if you dig it – add it as a favorite on Zuda and/or leave me a comment there.


New Azure 04|14|09

April 14, 2009

azure_update_041409The new pages are live on Zuda – and things are heating up, (ok…yeah – she’s in a bikini…and on a beach…). See just what the future looks like at zudacomics/azure.