Azure #1 Free For All!

July 16, 2010

DC Comics App ScreencapsAzure issue 1 is now available for free via the DC Comics and ComiXology apps on iPhone, iPad, Itouch, and online here: ComiXology Page for Azure. The apps use an awesome technology called GuideView to move from panel to panel while masking other regions of a page. One can also view full pages, add the series to your notifications, and rate the comics that are read. Continuing issues of Azure will be published weekly and cost 99¢ (through iTunes) and knowing the folks at ComiXology, they are probably hard at work on a Android-based app.

Additionally – iTunes now has a nifty new Comics menu now.

I wish I could stress how amazing comics look on an iPad. The device is like no other. If you were ever on the fence, go into an apple store and play with one for 30 minutes…

Azure issue 1 on the PSPAzure issue 1 has also come out on the PSP via the Playstation Store, and viewable using their comics menu item. It uses a similar Guide View technology to move from panel to panel, and is quite user-friendly. It is also available FREE from the Playstation Store under “Comics”.



  1. Tbh I’d rather pay you directly for Azure rather than going through comixology. It is disappointing to be following Azure halfway through it’s second season only to find out that I have to pay for the rest of it. Not really ranting, just kind of disappointed.

    If there was another way to get it direct, like how Zuda was, I’d do it that way. In this respect I may not have done my homework but the moment Zuda killed the site I kind of tuned out. And I’m strictly non-Apple..

    Best wishes for the future of Azure, and your good work.

    • Hey Slowmoe Joe!

      Thanks a ton for the kind words and the comments on the move. I can certainly understand your sentiments. Going from a non-paid model to a paid one is always a tough transition, and you are bound to lose readers in the move. Losing fans as active as yourself in giving feedback is even tour and something I’ll make sure to mention to TPTB.

      There is a way to get the comic similar to the way it was, but in 20 page increments online – via comixology’s landing page for the comic itself (linked via this post). I’m not sure if you have to still go through iTunes or not. The end of season 2 is such a tour-de-force…I really WANT you to see it however possible.

      Keep checking back. I hear that there may be a new way to view via the web coming…

      Thanks again slowmoeloe!

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