Zudacomics.com & the Future of Azure

July 2, 2010

Today, DC Comics, parent company of Zuda comics, announced that it was closing it’s doors today. Many of it’s competition winners were given notice that the site will be closed and that their comics will not be continued, while others were notified that their titles would be moved to a new market- the digital one. The move was both a surprise and something many saw coming, as DC has been making strong strides into the digital arena, and Zuda’s format is perfectly suited for the delivery.

Read more about DC’s announcement.

Azure, I’m pleased to announce, is among the titles moving to this new format. Starting very soon you will be able to purchase an Azure comic on your iPad, iPhone, PSP, and online through the comixology website.

To my fellow Zudes and Zudettes whose titles are not moving to this format, I offer my sincerest condolences and I expect to see your titles online or elsewhere in the nearest future. There were some amazing talents and comics on Zuda, and whether their titles continue or if they decide to persue other interests I wish them all the best.

I’ve made a lot of lifelong friends because of Zuda: creators, editors, publishers, etc. who I’ve learned this crazy art form from. Making comics is hard work. Its also one of the most satisfying things to see a page come to fruition. Making comics is something that’s in your blood and those of zuda are born with it.

I’ve been a huge proponent of going digital with most every art form, be it sequential page art, illustration, concept art; you name it. Digital is the future of most media types. Distribution, delivery, and as is the case with Azure: creation – all digital. The big two, (Marvel & DC), have made massive strides into the digital arena, and many other publishers and comickers are following suit.

Comic lovers, keep your eye on things over the next year or so. Change is in the air…

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  1. I love Azure and have followed it since I discovered it a year or so ago! I was sad to see the Zuda comics site disappear, but signed up for Comixology to continue following Azure (and Bayou). I was a little disappointed by their website (no Paypal, poor functionality on my ASUS netbook), but much more disappointed by their webviewer – much poorer functionality than Zuda, especially with Mozilla! I may have to go out and buy the print version, but hopefully Comixology will get a web programmer who can program for more than one screen size/resolution. Sorry for the rant, but keep up the great work with Azure.

    • Hi Graypath!

      Thanks so much for the comments and insights. It’s good to hear how viewers who have followed Azure from one platform to another, have taken the transition. I can tell you, I chatted for a while with the developers of ComiXology while out in San Diego. They are indeed working on modifications to the viewer on ComiXology.com. Another bit of insight I got was that you will soon be able to read Azure on DC’s own website. I’m not sure about the payment forms changing, but I will ask about that.

      Thanks for all the kind words on Azure and for following it so ardently. I am working on the last pages of Season 2 right now, and have high hopes it will receive a third and final season.

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