Azure hits it’s halfway point in it’s first 60 page season

April 28, 2009


To recap the story so far:

10 years ago, the planet underwent an environmental cataclysm leaving most major cities and low-lying areas submerged in water. No, it isn’t waterworld, unless Kevin Costner is secretly a woman and hot. 😉

Azure, a former scientist/researcher commands a giant submersible artificially intelligent vessel as she searches for survivors of the catastrophe. She was on a routine scouting expedition, (catching rays on a little personal island), when pirates in a converted rusted out stealth boat shot her little RC camera out of the sky. Now they are after her, and perhaps something else…

Did I mention she’s got loads of little gadgets? 🙂

Check it out – and if you dig it – add it as a favorite on Zuda and/or leave me a comment there. http://zudacomics.com/azure


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