Azure news and progress

March 5, 2009

In an effort not to let this blog go the way of the dodo while I plug away on Azure pages, I’ve started doing something a little different with page 24. I am making some work-in-progress files which will be compiled into time lapse movies with narration to explain the process for building an Azure page. I found a cool little application that will take hi rez screen caps and compile them into nicely compressed hi def MPEGs.

Myspace did a nice promo for Azure which you can find by clicking here. Lots of hi rez sketches. There were a few promo items that didn’t seem to make it in. Here’s one below and for the higher rez click here.


Comic Book JunctionAzure: Post-2012 SciFi Webcomic Starts On Zuda!

As to progress with the comic, we are about at the halfway point in the series. As I’ve mentioned before the 60 pages are all scripted out, and with work, dog, life, etc. I average a little over 2 pages a week, and I hope to ramp that number up a bit towards the end, in terms of site updates.

All for now! Keep on, keepin on!



  1. Congrats on the launch, by the way! I never got a chance to say how much I really dig Azure – the art is fantastic. And thanks again for checking out the new WMC site.

    – mike

    • Coolio 🙂 – We Make Clouds was awesome. Being somewhat in the advertising industry, it is hard not to appreciate such a funny take on it.

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