More Sketches

November 26, 2008

Here is a nearly full sketch of Crimson (Minerva) and Viridian (Ana). A little later today I will post some more machinery/tech stuff. Enjoy and drop me a comment!

Crimson Concept Sketch

Crimson Concept Art

Viridian (Ana) Concept Art

Viridian (Ana) Concept Art



  1. Gorgeous, man. Can’t wait for the next chapter to premiere.

  2. Thanks mate! You and me both. I think I had more built up than most of the usual Zuda submissions/entries. I think folks will like the directions things move in. And I’m still following Untrue Tales man. Keep it up! I still have that pin-up coming your way.

  3. Nice sketches (as usual) but don’t forget to create positive role models for impressionable young girls – let that chick eat a burger or something! Mmm! WordPress snow – how did I miss that feature. No one tells me anything grrr! 😉

  4. He he he – yeah I thought the snow would be festive 🙂 It’s about as festive as I get I’m afraid.

    Thanks about the sketches. As to the thin nature of Azure: all will reveal itself in time. There really is reason for most things in this storyline – and not just because they look cool or attractive. And there is considerably more meat on Crimson and Sienna, than on Azure and Ana. My rather impressionable younger sister seems to think so, at least. 😉

    It is good to have you around again mpd57.

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