Hardware/Machinery Sketches, Script Status

November 21, 2008

It’s not a big secret that there will be a fair ammount of machinery/tech in the comic and a little later today I will update this post with a few more sketches that aren’t too revealing. Let me know what you think and bear in mind a lot of this concept stuff has been scraped or revised at this point.

Another quick note concerning script status: The script has been done for some time and I have been tweaking it and showing it to a few writer friends to get their comments and crits on good points and bad points – things I could possibly improve on. I have gotten some great feedback so far, and once the last couple of people give me their notes I plan to make a few revisions. I have also begun putting it all into a viewer I made that enables one to go from page to page and see the script, a thumbnail sketch of the page layout, concept artwork if any, reference imagery if any, and notes on any oddities with a particular page. It’s a flash-based viewer and I will see about exporting a version for folks to take a peek.

Gun/Rocket Concept

Gun/Rocket Concept

Dive Sled Concept

Dive Sled Concept


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