Azure In This Month’s Zuda Competition!

October 10, 2008

Zuda – a subsidiary of DC Comics, holds this competition each month to give 1 comic a regular series online. This month is the toughest competition I have ever seen on Zuda, and Azure, the webcomic I am creating, really needs your help. Azure is fighting to stay ahead of 10 other comics.

We need your Votes!

In order for Azure to keep going we need to recieve votes, favourites, and a high rating! In other words we need your help 🙂 It’s completely free (how many things nowadays are free?), and it takes all of one minute to help us out.

There are 5 easy steps to helping Azure win:

  1. Click the graphic below and check out Azure
  2. Rate the comic on the far right – 5 being best, by mousing over the blank stars and clicking
  3. Click the small “sign up” link at the top left of the page and register a free account – it will send you an email confirmation (about 5 fields to enter – username, password, etc)
  4. Login and then click the giant “VOTE” button next to Azure.
  5. Lastly – select the little red “add to favorites” once on the Azure page.

Thanks everyone – your vote REALLY counts here.


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