Sixth in the Sketches Series

September 19, 2008

Here’s Sienna. I can’t, once again, say anything about her.  And once again – just a concept sketch folks…things change…these are just some of my ramblings and first coffeeshop doodles I produced when conceptualizing the characters and look of the story. Lot of women in these first sketches hunh? I throw some of the male sketches in to balance things out in posts to come.





  1. oh snap, that’s hot

  2. Thanks Wally!

  3. holy shit that’s hot. IMO better than any art so far seen on zuda.

  4. Wow big words coming from you, man. Thanks! Gultch is some mad hotness. Anyone who hasn’t already – click twotimingpete’s name.

  5. You got the shading tone value and final scetch down solid man where did you learm those fresh skills? E mail me @ e_k1993@yahoo.com

    • Thanks emanzi 🙂 I appreciate it. I dunno – been drawing since birth. You can drop me a note here: daniel@danielgovar.com anytime.

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