A few illustrative tidbits

August 10, 2008

Here is a top view of Pearl I use for reference when illustrating interiors and planning movements of Azure throughout the vessel. There are three decks, and this is the largest and widest of the three. The blue areas are work /science rooms (the far right room Azure has converted into an art studio), the brown areas are exit hatches, and the green areas are life systems areas. The main chamber is the media room, and where Azure tends to sleep.

I will put up the lower levels as we see those areas in the comic, (don’t want to reveal too much prior to the pages being viewed online).

Pearl - Deck 2

Pearl - Deck 2

Also I figured this would be a good reference for people. This is the first thing I made when planning Azure. This is a map of the world circa 2022. I developed this by raising the waterlevel on a global scale by just a few hundred feet, and then adding a few strategic craters where certain err…densley populated areas were. In 2022 there are certainly people left after the Event, but there just isn’t that much habitable land. Big ups to NASA and their public use imagery I used as a base to build from, and some fabulous folks at google earth who helped me out in raising the sea levels to see just what might be left. Obviously the movie Waterworld was a complete farce, as even if the glaciers did melt there really would be a lot of land still around. We just have a lot of extremely high mountain ranges and not as many low lying regions as one would think.

Earth - After Event (AE) 2022

Earth - After Event (AE) 2022



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  1. Man… That map is reaaaaaaally frigthfull…

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