First draft of series completed

July 31, 2008

I just completed the first draft of the entire series – all 60 pages which came in at about 18 pages in word with every panel mapped in meticulous detail with dialogue. As usual I kept my thumbnail journal as I wrote to map things out in my head so that as I got to a page to illustrate I had a small visual reference to go along with the graphics notes. My photo reference folder has grown considerably as well. The shark folder has gotten huge…and yes folks – it’s not a shark tale :). It will probably go through a number of reworks before finalizing the later pages especially, but the main plot elements are set. It is looking like a fun ride!



  1. When do I get to see a copy of the draft? Arrrrrrrrg stop making me wait

  2. I probably won’t show the script for this until the series is completed – all 60 pages, just so the cat isn’t let out of the bag – all at once.

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